Hacker Nights

Virtual Lightning Talks

Hosted by Multiprocess Labs


By developers, for developers. Likely most interesting to folks who've been in the industry for a few years, but everyone is welcome.

The goal is to get excited, break down mental barriers and to get exposed to deep technical work in a respectful and friendly environment.

No questions are dumb!


Short (10min max), LOW KEY talks on software or hardware internals. You shouldn't need to massively prepare or be stressed out giving these talks.

Particular emphasis on topics like compilers, emulators, databases, operating systems, networking, distributed systems, and so on.

You don't need to be an expert. Talk about your toy projects or your work on production systems.

Talks will be recorded and available on Youtube afterward.


Virtual. Forever. Whether you're in NYC or Kansas City or SF or rural Ontario; if you're working on cool projects we want you to present.


Fourth Thursday of every month, 8PM-9PM America/New_York.

As long as there are people attending and folks interested in sharing.


Here are a few made-up (or potential) talks to illustrate where this is going:

  • Biggest challenges while building a PS1 emulator in C++
  • Extending Golang to add a new operator to the language
  • Building a mail server from scratch at the protocol level in Python
  • How Kubernetes switched to a faster internal data structure to speed up listing pods by 100x
  • Building a SQLite clone from scratch in C
  • Implementing a JVM subset in Ruby
  • Why Redis is switching to Tries for storing indexes (not a real thing)
  • Building a new MySQL storage engine on Parquet files
  • Switching to a new register allocation algorithm in my toy language compiler
  • Implementing TCP/IP in userland in OCaml

Give a talk

Email Phil with your talk idea! If you have questions feel free to ask!

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